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politically correct Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs I love it when LaDoo isn't doing his clown dance and takes the time to economize on da local lingo, for this time he's answered, in a serious way, the serious question posted above, which was what did we call PC before the term became popular a decade or so ago.

Here's how he described it: "...when someone says or does
something you feel is wrong and offensive..." Then the wiser-than-he-shows LaDoo described how he pointed out the error of his ways to the ignoramus who forgot he had a brain.

That's what politically incorrect is, forgetting how to behave, behaving thoughtlessly, acting like a fool, showing no common-sense. We have a million ways of describing, much less letting someone know, how we feel when they've behaved incorrectly for the situation.

I'm not sure why the word "political" was added to "incorrect," or became so popular, but it has, so it must have struck a chord among a lot of people.

You could also say "legally incorrect" when the offensive conduct becomes actionable, meaning you could get sued or locked up.

It's such a loose term, such a flexible idea, applicable to so many situations, both clear and debatable, that it tends to get used indiscriminately, often as a negative putdown and as a disagreeing reaction to being told:

Example: "So I was accused of being politically incorrect when I told 'em how I felt, like I really care."

It's another way of "telling someone off." There. There's another definition. Also:



"No common sense."

"No brains."

"Socially inept."







Those are a few of the words, terms, we used to express what we now lump under the generic "politically incorrect." Not "bullshit," as was suggested, in jest no doubt.

When we reject the criticism, that's when we say, "Bullshit," or "Like I really give a damn about what you think."

One man's PC is another man's bugaboo.


And don't ask me what's a bugaboo!

You have to take the SIRT a long way along the South Shore to find that out. I'm going to Tahoe, where they don't have no bugaboos. Hope to see the StatNisland Treasure up in Hangtown along the way. Got no crumbuns, but they got the world famous Hangtown Fry up there in the hills of Californy, among all the wildflowers. NO dandelions, either, except the kind that roll in off the highway. See yez in a few days.

Stay out of trouble in the meantime, willya? I won't be around to help ya out of any of da jams you get yourselves into.

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