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politically correct Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu sipoet.

i personally would never consider you politically incorrect if you had exploded at that young, insensitive women.

her language was not politically incorrect. her use of the word retard in the context she used it in was exactly like you discribed. if i had heard her, i would have said something to her. no i would not have exploded, but she would learn real quick how uneducated she was.

fyi, the first time my wife and i took marion to a restruant for dinner, was a site to be enjoyed. first, i felt embarrased because of marions lack of table manners. we were training her in proper eating procedures -- not stuffing food into your mouth, not using your hands or attempting to communicate verbally while your mouth contained food. well yes i was a bit embarassed at first --- that is until i overheard a comment from some guy sitting two tables away who said "look at that ugly retard eating in here."

needless to say my embarrassment immediately went away and i became annoyed. i walked over to the guy and imformed him that he was the one lacking a real brain and asked him to restrain himself.

my wife was surprised at the way i handled the situation --- cool, calm and collected. i normally go off the handle.

anyway the bottom line is sipoet --- never, never, as far as i am concerned, hold back your feelings when someone says or does something you feel is wrong and offensive. however, what you should do is take a deep breath, count to ten, let it out slowly, then approach the obviously less intelligent individual and imform him or her that what they said or did really is offensive. then ask them if they have a close relative who is mentally retarded.....

i hope the above helps you some.


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