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politically correct Marguerite Rivas sipoet Could you define what you mean by politically correct so we are all on the same page?

Are you talking about language only?
Like for instance, everyone is entitled to free speech, all agreed? Now for example, I was in a clothing store the other day and there were two young women with their mother. One of the young women held up an outfit and kept saying, do you think I'd look okay in this, or would I look like a retard? Are you sure I wouldn't look like a retard? I bet I'd look like a real retard in this. Now having buried a child who, had she lived, would no doubt have fit into this young woman's definition of a "retard" I was about to explode. I don't deny this young woman the right to say whatever she wants, but had I explained to her that the use of that word in such a context is hurtful, insensitive, and betrays gross prejudice, would you all be accusing me of being a politically correct facist?

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