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to all including rs Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu hi ya guys -- especially you rs cuz you is da resident lawyer. peace no tomes ok?? spank ya all....

(oh ya, at dis time o day i have had eight fingers but i am still of sound --- well lets not go there...

anyways look at these two things a comming up in da courts. lets see if da left wing liberal pinko c(yea da c word) will jump on dis crap) and also lets see of da right wingers also jumpe too)) ok??

Up in Arms
Texas Case Could Affect Gun Ownership
USA Today

It began as a marital dispute in western Texas and became a debate over
Timothy Emerson's right to keep a gun after a court told him to stay
away from his estranged wife, Sacha. Now, courtesy of an unusual ruling
by a Texas judge, it has blossomed into a gun-rights case that could
have enormous impact on gun-control policy in the USA. When gun-rights
advocates and gun-control supporters square off Tuesday before a federal
appeals panel in New Orleans, the issue will be: Does the Second
Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantee individuals the right to
possess firearms? Or does it, as courts have indicated previously,
provide that right merely to state militias?

--- next issue

Call It Self-Interest
Administration Split on Bill to Make Leaking Classified Material a
Associated Press

Administration officials are divided on Senate legislation to make
disclosing classified information to the news media a felony punishable
by up to three years in prison, officials said Wednesday. Attorney
General Janet Reno will oppose the legislation at Wednesday's
closed-door Senate Intelligence Committee session, Justice Department
spokesman Myron Marlin said. CIA Director George Tenet will testify in
favor of the measure, said officials who spoke on the condition of

well the above cases are from findlaw. i subscripe to this server and find it extremely informative.

otter den dat let me say. i don't give a rats tail wot sume dimwwitted judge says abotu my ownership of a fire arms says. i will continue to keep my fire ares for sporting purposes and self defense against criminals from the right, the left and the middle.

now as for this other crap --- janet reno, and i am not one of her most favorite supporters, right on..... this garbarge by simple minded civil servents who are trying to justify their own jobs needs to stop.

rich (the moderate still wearing--in spirit--- his pink tuto)

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