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Jean Shepherd- Storyteller ,Humorist Dan Blaine DBLIVIT One of Shep's best anecdotes was the one in which his father ordered a pre-fab house out of a Sears&Roebuck catalog. It was delivered to the railroad siding in his home town. Shep's father had all his buddies from the steel mill help him put the house together...he supplied them with all the beer they could drink as payment. The results were hilarious! (Reminds me a little bit of rs' story of his father's boat building down in the basement)

I actually got to see one of Shep's WOR shows live at the Limelight in the village. I think there was a $2 minimum, which we parlayed into a pitcher of beer that we nursed through the whole show. (Hey c'mon! Us "Bay Street U"' students couldn't afford to drink at the Hofbrau...Franny never let his bartenders buy you one back)

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