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politically correct Brian Cullen Ace328bc Yes, we are far too politically correct. I was somewhat taken aback at the diatribe from my posting about the young boy and the ICP T-shirt. Now I read all this about politically correct stuff being bull and so forth. My original posting on that subject asked for an opinion and I got, in my opinion, a lecture on how things would be if "decent" people had their way. NOW I read this post and I realize my original opinion was correct. I do not believe in any restriction of free speech, (please do not give the the "fire in a crowded theater" speech, I understand that aspect of it) and I would like to know-those of you that would like to dilute my "free speech" in the name of "decency", how do you justify that with political correctness? TomDGimp, where are you when I need you?

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