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UNION DEMOCRACY IN ACTION Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu hi ya folks. i just want ta let ya all know that good ol union democracy is alive and kicking in the nations capitol.

some of you may know that i am a union member. i am a past president of the local representing the government agency i work in. and yes some local members managed to have me illegal thrown out of the union in 1996. however, i was recently reinstated retroactivally after winning a decision before an admin law judge who ruled that my trial was illegal etcetc..

now recently the local held election by u.s. mail ballot --- 30 days for the ballots to be returned.

heres the story in a nutshell.

the election committee was biased in favor of one slate of canidates.

the election deliberately made comitted various violations of labor law and union rules regarding the running of an election in favor of those they favored. no problem there really. the election will be overtuned on those violations alone. however here is the kicker -----

422 envelopes were sent to an unsealed pobox. not too much of a problem here but questionable?????

64 envelopes --- all sealled were returned to the post office because they were addressed to some other federal agency.

43 envelopes with ballots were disqualified by the election committee because they were of a smaller size then the committee allegedly used and had a different font for the rubber stamp used to address the envelope to the pobox.

there were 20 duplicate ballots. that means 40 envelopes. 20 of these envelopes were counted because the ballots were in the correct size envelope. the other 20 were disqualified because of envelope and font size.

40 other envelopes were disqualified because they had various problems with the envelopes such as no return address etc.....

the act won the dream team lost.

now this is what i call union democracy in action. will the u.s. dept of labor over turn the election results? will they supervise a new election at tax payer cost? will they investigate who was attempting to stuff the ballot box?????

there are other questions that are not answered.

fyi, the u.s. dol has already refused to investigate this same local and national office regarding complaints about missing union funds --- extortion......

we live in a great country --- a country with an administration that has no honesty -- no integrity --- no credibility --- no nothing ----

yet i keep trying. am i doing something wrong here?????

oh yea, i was not running for union office and i supported neither side. my only position in the union is as a member and president emeritus --- instruction both sides of the table on what is proper and not proper per the rules etc.

nothing more --- nothing less. i do not even do representational work for the union.



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