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politically correct Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu mcgill,

keep throwing those hand granedes in the circus. i love it.

rs -- again you have shown your great wisdom.

i read your reply with great interest. what i believe you said (now i am doing my translation only) is that pc is bull crap.

personally, i refuse to be politically correct because some left wing liberal pinko commie sap a roon wants me to say or do thins his or her way.

oops.... i done doed it again --- i used da "c" word.... oh dear...... i also have the same beliefs with the ultra wright wing religious fasicst who want me to say or do things his or her way.

now what does all this mean about my political beliefs? well i consider myself a moderate. yep dats right a moderiate. in fact i have a solution to solve all of this country's political and legal problems.

i believe we should hang all the liberals, and nail to the cross all da right wingers. dis way only us moderates are left.

watta ya tink?????

rich (with tung still in cheek)

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