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Jean Shepherd- Storyteller ,Humorist Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs The reference to "Your Father's Mustache," or the "Limelight," recalled a memory for me. When I was in school in Greenwich Village I worked in a place called "The Red Garter" or "The Red Garter Saloon." If recollection serves, it was in a place previously called the Limelight. Afterwards the place may have been "Your Father's Mustache."
The Red Garter Band was heavy on the banjos, and the players wore striped vests and played such rousers as "Hello, Dolly," "San Francisco," and anything else that would get the crowd of beer-drinkers stamping their feet or singing along.

I was one of the beer servers.

Now I just drink the stuff.

I used to enjoy Jean Shepard on the radio, telling those interminable stories, often featuring his own growing up in a steel mill town where his father and real men worked. When I hear Garrison Keillor on "Prairie Home Companion" tell his Lake Woebegone stories I suspect he got the cue from Shepard.

When we tell Old StatNisland stories here we're doing something like Shepard did, and Keillor does, maybe not as well, but what we lose in art we make up in verisimiliturd.


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