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1960s TV Show Dave Troland trollman OK, I did a little research after the last 2 posts. Check out for the Diver Dan story. They even have a link to Nick at Night so you can request Diver Dan be broadcast again. I also found that on you can search for Diver Dan and Whirleybirds and it gives all kinds of details.

Baron Barracuda was the one with monocle. His henchman was Triggerfish. Also appearing was Doc Stergeon, Scoutfish, Hermit the Crab, Finley and Gill-Espi (a beatnik). The entire thing was filmed THROUGH an aquarium, with the actors and puppets on the other side (CHEESY!!).

"The sights that he sees are exciting and stranger
Than ever you'll find on the land
He walks among creatures of frightening features
That's where you'll find Diver Dan"

Such lyrics!

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