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Free Speech? Dave Troland trollman The original writer made a very revealing statement here - he chose to use "Merry F***ing Christmas, B****" so as not to offend people on this page...because he has "learned the rules of society". Exactly. That's my point. Decency with each other. Isn't that what we hope society produces?

Sure we hope that everyone has the right to proclaim their uniqueness, even if others downright hate what is being said. But decency should prevent you from wanting to say or do something that will intentionally hurt or humiliate a fellow human being. I don't think our laws were set up to assist people in hurting each other.

incidentally, so you know where I'm coming from, I was a huge fan of Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, anything dark and foreboding. But even as a kid I knew it was all theatrics (much like WWF) and enjoyed it anyway. I never liked KISS much, but I knew that was all stage antics, pyrotechnics and theatrics as well. I feel sad that today's teens are fed crap like Insane Clown Posse and Eminem and Cypress Hill, whose theatrics is exclusively sexual and violent and degrading to women.

OK, here's an analogy:
Eminem has a song about killing his wife in detail, then together with his child dragging the corpse to a lake and dropping her in.

Alice Cooper had a song called Dead Babies, where he sings that Mommy didn't want you anymore, and that dead babies can take care of themselves.

Both are disturbing. Both have every right to be created and heard.

But here's the rub - everybody knew that Alice Cooper was some schnook named Vincent Furnier who also enjoyed playing golf with Bob Hope. Eminem, Marshall Mathers, is trying very hard to convince everyone that he and his persona are the same. He really would kill (he was arrested for a gun threat recently). This is the essence of rap - if you really don't hurt women, use women, fight in gangs, rape, steal, whatever, then you're a poser and should be ignored. Notice that it has nothing to do with the music. What's important is your earning the "right" to be a rapper.
Nobody expected Alice Cooper to maim babies so that he could sing about it.

Our kids can no longer discern the difference between performance and reality. And the saddest part is that the whole deal is so record companies can turn a profit. Do you think rap is popular because it's good music? No, it's popular because record companies WANT it to be popular. It's cheap easy to make pabulum that turns a huge profit. Instead of temperamental rock musicians that take years to come up with a product, they take a simple computer sequenced loop of about 4 synthesized instruments, then bring in one guy with a microphone who talks quickly over the loop. This is what we now refer to as music. Cheap, quick, efficient profit. No wonder it's so popular. We hear what they want us to hear.

Anyway, I digress. I'm a musician and this stuff always bothers me.

Well, I'm sure this topic will go round and round.

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