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Custard's Last Stand Dan Blaine DBLIVIT As the coach settled down to a rollicking pace of 15mph, the other passengers introduced themselves to DBLIVIT and Rich DerGott: There was Joe Smith originally from upstate NY with his two new brides heading for the “promised land” somewhere beyond the Rockies; a traveling saleslady who claimed to have exclusive marketing rights for “Castro” convertible sofas west of the Mississippi; a sailor named “Old NaCl” who intended to use his nautical skills as a raft pilot on the Colorado river; and Sister Dorothea, a nun from a parochial school on SI.

The coach had been steadily climbing since leaving the Cheyenne plain and now the going got slower and slower until it came to a stop. Looking out the windows, the passengers could see that a herd of buffalo was crossing the road in front of them and it would take quite a while until the huge herd was past. Finally all were by except for one bull which stood facing the coach and pawed the ground as if he was going to charge it. Red Ryder took careful aim with his Daisy and shot the bull right between the eyes. The bull didn’t even blink its’ eyes and continued to paw the ground and snort.

Before anyone could stop her, Sister Dorothea jumped out of the coach and pulling a wooden ruler out of her habit, walked up to the bull and swatted it on the rump with the ruler. “Begone, ye dick divil and git yerself out of the way!” she said in an authoritarian voice. The buffalo meekly trotted off the road and the stage got underway…

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