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Free Speech? Brian Cullen Ace328bc It had been a while since I posted this, and I do appreciate the opinions expressed. I do not believe all the opinions expressed, as I believe "free" speech is exactly that-and if certain things are offensive to a group of people they can get together and outlaw it, or so I understand it to be. You have all given me some food for thought. Also, the makeup used by the Insane Clown Posse is not for being ooh, scary. Like Kiss, whom I have the privilege of being both a fan and one who has seen them on several occasions, back then they also were seen as the devil and oooh scary, just like Black Sabbath, and Cream, and the Beatles, and Buddy Holly, and on and on because people feel they have the right to decide what is proper and what is not and what is degrading to society, and conversely, what is uplifting. I had no feelings about writing Merry F***ing Christmas B**ch other than I have respect for the people I have met here that might be offended by certain things here. Respect, not fear or misgiving, but the real thing. No, I don't think the child should be wearing the shirt, and mine wouldn't. However, I have some T shirts that wouldn't be considered "correct" either and I have no problem with wearing them. Once you learn the rules of society you live within them, and if society cannot tolerate you for any reason you will drift to those of your level, either up or down. This is the result of real free speech-you wind up where you belong. Sorry to have gone off on a rant, but again, I thank you for your opinions, I have again enjoyed the give and take between us.


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