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Tender Mercies Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs What has a president done that affects us on a personal level?

That's a great question, Trollman.

Mostly I think the president is irrelevant.

But sometimes he does something that counts on the ground.

Unfortunately, I can't say they've all done nothing when I know some have done something.

Lincoln preserved the Union, abolished slavery.

FDR presided over the effort to get us out of the Depression. He also presided over the response to Pearl Harbor, D-Day, and the development of the A-bomb. Truman dropped it. I happen to give him credit, not blame, for that.

LBJ, who, after the Caro biography, I do not admire, pushed through the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He also pushed Medicare into enactment.

Carter stressed human rights on an international level.

Reagan, I give credit to him for pushing the Soviets into quitting the arms race by threatening to escalate it beyond their ability to spend, using Star Wars, or SDI (which is coming back).

Clinton? He's gonna claim a lot of things, which I can't list, so watch out.

I may be confusing things I like with things that affect each of us on the ground in daily life, but I'm not so sure that's the test either. We want a big guy to take care of big issues that affect us all as a nation, not just a guy from Tottenville or FawCawnahs. We've got Maniscalco for that, or did, when I was growing up on the Island.

If that's correct, we need to remember the big things the Big Guy did.

You can add your own, I've just hit a few that occurred to me.


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