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Tender Mercies Dave Troland trollman The unfortunate reality is that leaders were chosen based on their experience and talents in the past. We ASKED them to lead us because we needed their expertise. Nowadays being a leader is a prize to be won at any cost. A presidency is purchased through marketing, advertising and publicity. As a result we often end up voting AGAINST someone rather than for someone. What a system.

PS: I'm not comparing Clinton and Reagan. Clinton certainly has more than enough character flaws to go around, and Reagan had his. I guess when you get right down to it - has any President in recent past (30 years) really affected our lives one way or the other? I mean really affected our lives. At the end of the day did it really really matter who was doing the job of President? Even Nixon, who was forced from office - did that really matter to any of us in the long run? Or is it all National Enquirer fodder that we end up believing is important?

Just a thought..

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