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Tender Mercies Dave Troland trollman Naturally no one remembers that when Ronald Reagan wanted to go after Khadafy he drummed up a story about Libyan hitmen coming to America. This gave him license with the American public to react however he saw fit. It wasn't until afterward that he admitted there was no evidence of an assassination plot. According to Reagan he wasn't lying to us, instead he called it (this is rich) "a program of ongoing disinformation".

To me, this is just a tad more important than Clinton's lie. Starr knew the one thing he could absolutely make Clinton lie about was sex. It had nothing to do with his Whitewater investigation (that turned out to be a dead end) but it became a valuable tool to acheive the Republicans' desired result of diminishing Clinton's popularity.

Sure Clinton can be smarmy, theatric, snakelike. But the only lie he's been accused of (and caught in) has NOTHING to do with his presidency, no matter what some of us wish to believe. His private life, no matter how despicable, is his private life. We do not elect based on sexuality, ethnicity, race or religion. You can vote for whoever you want based on that criteria, that's your prerogative, but you cannot EXCLUDE a candidate because he or she is black, gay, Italian, baptist, promiscuous, 5'5", balding, whatever. Even the government has to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. Therefore you should not be allowed to remove the individual when a character trait you dislike is revealed.

Sorry guys, but if you removed every politician that ever cheated on his wife, cheated on his taxes, cheated on his law exam, drank too much, smoked pot, avoided the draft, got involved in shady dealings, accepted graft, SOLD ARMS TO THE ENEMY, bought votes, etc., Washington DC would have tumbleweed rolling down Pennsylvania Ave.

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