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"The Tech Rep" By James Michener; Continued:

"We planned our arrival in Pamplona for late afternoon, so that we could have our pick of rooms at Bar Vasca-not that any Of them were any good-and on the sixth we would sit in the public square and watch the fireworks and meet old friends from all parts of Europe. Five-thirty on the morning of the seventh all hell would break loose from the marching bands assembled in the plaza before Bar Vasca, at which Holt would carefully climb out of bed and stand before clothes he had laid out with neat care the night before: tennis shoes, white pants, red belt, white shirt, red scarf. Clad in this historic costume he would go forth to meet the bulls.

For Holt, this compulsive running with wild animals had become a religious ritual, the act which gave his otherwise routine life structure and meaning. When he had first explained the running, I had no comprehension of what it signified-to him or to others-and even when I saw it for the first time myself, it was nothing more than insanity in the streets, but someone who knew that I knew Holt said, I SUPPOSE HE'S SHOWN YOU THOSE GREAT PHOTOGRAPHS FROM 1953. When I replied that Holt would never show anyone photographs of himself, the man said, THEY'RE ON DISPLAY AT THE KODAK SHOP AROUND THE CORNER, and we went to see them. In 1969 the series was still on display in the same shop, and copies were sold each year, for better than any other these photographs epitomized Pamplona."

To be continued:

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