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Free Speech? Dave Troland trollman That's exactly my point...the example of this child's shirt being taken away is NOT censorship to prevent people from thinking about Merry Fucking Christmases, but an appropriate response taken to prevent an individual from harassing innocent people with language that THEY have a right to not see or hear.

The original concept of free speech was noble in its intent - we need to allow each individual to express his or her opinion without fear of consequence. Great advances in both politics and human rights have been made because Americans were able to express opinions contrary to the majority. Our founding fathers would be sickened to think that this basic human right has now been construed to mean that 12 year olds have the right to say "Fuck You" arbitrarily to anyone (or use their clothing as proxy "Fuck You"s), calling it "free speech". What nonsense. Because we don't know what free speech is, we allow (endorse) the filthying of our society.

Swearing, cursing, bad language, none of it shocks me or even bothers me. I use it all the time. For myself. I don't have the right to make anyone else hear it or see it if they don't want to.

Now that this child has won an apology and a cash reward for having his shirt of childish stupid language taken away, do we feel that justice has been served and that this youth now understands the essence of freedom of speech? Naaaahh. He has learned that disrespect is tolerated - no, encouraged. He has learned that the rest of the world MUST accept whatever he feels like saying, whether out loud or on the front of his shirt.

"Merry Fucking Christmas, Bitch." This is a priviledge of living in our society?

PS: The analogy of Insane Clown Posse and George Carlin using the same language is ludicrous. Carlin has used these words to explain our society - ICP uses these words to portray themselves as outside of the rules of society.
Of course, being grown men with their faces covered in greasepaint as evil clowns (oooh scary)and bragging how they will never be seen in public without the makeup places them outside the conventions of society anyway. Which is fine. It's just not terribly important when you realize they have nothing to say, outside of "Look at us, we say bad words. Aren't we cool?" 15 minutes and counting, guys.

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