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Free Speech? Dave Troland trollman What I find interesting is that this child can wear the shirt with big bold letters proclaiming the obscene message, obviously intending to shock people who see it (eliminate the swear words and the message is nil), but here on this page the writer refers to it as "Merry F*%#ing Christmas, B$tch". Even the writer feels that it's wrong to display these words.

Free speech does not permit you to walk up to strangers and say "Merry Fucking Christmas, Bitch" . Putting the same words on a shirt so that others have to see them does not change the intent to harass others with this language.

The right to free speech is usually brought up by people who have very little to say. Insane Clown Posse, two mid-thirtyish talentless thugs who wear "evil" (oooh, scary) clown makeup (picture KISS without the ability to play instruments or sing or write music)have made some kind of "career" of turning out mindless rantings set to some droning background clatter. Their 15 minutes is up as I write this.

Unfortunately, the kids (and actually, most of us...)have come to equate bad language with "serious" music. Say it with curse words and you're more profound.

Truth is, I agree with Carlin that there are no bad words, just bad intentions. A word can't hurt you, but you can use a word to reveal your intention.

Recently on the Opie and Anthony Show (WNEW 102.7FM) a listener made headlines because he managed to hold up a sign on camera that had the dreaded "C" word displayed.
O and A were beside themselves as it happened, as if this was the greatest accomplishment since the Polio vaccine.
Could anything be more pointless? Just like the kid with the shirt, there is no message - just an intention to make others see the so-called "bad" words.

How little.

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