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Fish Balls - I'm Innocent Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu ahwwwww harry don't get yo feelins ta hurtin ok.......

for use guys and goils hows is intrested here is wot i managed ta do saturday -----

jan sent me a recipee and i used it wit some modifornacitation -----

cuz she told me she was making sausage-peppers and onions saturday morning, i decided ta add some peppers and oinions too.

i made two types of dips ta go wit da fish balls which were made of white cod and blue fish. i used italion bread crumbs wit some flour mixed added some garlic powder with dat pamazon cheeze and black pepper.

i sautied da peppers and onions in olive oil wit some organo --- hmmmmm..

den i made a white dip gravy wit white wine and i had some maraina sauce i had made earlier in da week.

well my daughter and a couple neighbors loved dat stuff =--- however i didn't tell em da name until after da eat.

twise good ta make first time.....

oh yea, da foot still hurts but da southern comfort hell keep da pain down a bit.

tks jan for da recipee an all.


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