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The old SIRT pictures and information Harry White Harry da Hammer On 06/10/2000 9:13:00 AM, Rich LaDieu wrote:
>ya gotta be a careful here
>even if it has been some 40
>odd years since ya wittle
>broter did da doity deed. rs
>will be a quite busy defending
>us all if harry da hammer has
>his way......
>by golly i still luv reading
>da story. wow.....

Yeah!!! And Margie is as guilty as her brudder for holding back da eva-dunce and not reporting da crime. It's not fair. Deze peoples are getten away wit all of dis mischief and I'm been type cast and tried right here on what I tought was a friendly place. I never did nutten like youse juvenile delinquents did.
H da H

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