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Fish Balls - I'm Innocent Harry White Harry da Hammer On 06/10/2000 9:07:00 AM, Rich LaDieu wrote:
>use guys and goils are nuttin
>but wise guys -- so heres back
>at ya all ---->
>harry --- rs can't plead your
>case cuz uis a guilty anways
>by reputation. i noz cuz i
>met ya and you is what you is.

Well it appears dat I need a change of menu as well as venue, I'll not get a fair trail in dis place. And I'm not guilty. I was just exorcizing my right of free speech. Wats dis place commen to??? Bunch a hipacratics. Ya make fun of da poor fishy, ya cut off his balls an den ya make soup outta dem and ya accuse me of da remarks. I think I'm gonna become Da ANONYMOUS Poster.
Harry da Humble

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