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here's sometin scary!! Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu if ya know someone named jack --- don't greet him or her at da airport with hi jack! or ya may get inta trouble.

from court tv on line ----

Misheard greeting sends out SWAT team at airport

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — All someone said was "Hi,
Jack!" but at a suburban Detroit airport, that was enough to create a crisis.

A microphone happened to be open Monday when someone greeted the
co-pilot aboard a corporate jet, and the tower heard "hijack," police Lt. Rick
Crigger said.

Oakland International Airport tower officials called the Waterford police.
They in turn called in a whole extra shift of police, the Oakland County
Sheriff's Department SWAT team, the FBI and other federal authorities,
Crigger said.

The plane was told to return to the tower, and the pilot's identification was

"I like false alarms like that," Police Chief John B. Dean said. "They are good
for training purposes. Nobody was hurt and they were just delayed a few

Once the alarm was over, the law officers could laugh about it.

"They'll probably pass a rule that no one named Jack can ever be hired in
aviation again," said Waterford Capt. Chuck Jehle.

The airport is about 30 miles northwest of Detroit.

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