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Fish Balls Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu use guys and goils are nuttin but wise guys -- so heres back at ya all ----

potown --- no no no, i don't need no viagra stuff i'm still in my prime and proud of it.

harry --- rs can't plead your case cuz uis a guilty anways by reputation. i noz cuz i met ya and you is what you is.

fish balls--- yep, art done found a fish wit em. ugly look criter tho.

jan, tks for da note re da smashed foot. feels better ta day but a bit swolen. mrs rich is nagging me ta get it x-rayed an all. however, i don't a relish spending a couple hours in da hospital waiting ta get my picture taken.

ill just take some more caugh medicine --- about four fingers worth. that will help kill da pain.

as for da utter thingie --- ok, its over. but imma gonna try ta make da dish both ways and see wot happens.


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