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About Sandals Charlie Joseph CharlieJ On 06/09/2000 2:53:00 PM, Harry da Hammer wrote:
>CharlieJ, Glad to see this
>post. My son and his new wife
>will be honey mooning there
>starting this coming Monday.
>I will get them aside tonight
>at the rehearsal dinner and
>pass on the warning. Harry

Glad I could help. Giving a little more info on the good side. When we went there (I assume it's still the same), the price included everything. In other words you left your wallet in the room. All food and drinks were included. Breakfast was a fantastic buffet. Lunch was available on the beach at a hamburger grill. Dinner was always an elegant affair. Tropical casual, but no bathing suits. There were several bars in the main building and on the beach including one where the bar stools were under water. It's couples only, so nobody hits on you or wife/girl friend. We went with another couple. My friend and I would pick up a drink a one end of the beach, wander down to the topless end to oogle, turn in our cup and get another and wander back the other way to do it again. God, what a rough time that was having to make the drink last for the walk.
They have tours for shopping and visiting places like an ice cold mini-waterfall in the mountains. They have activities and volley ball tournaments, tug-o-wars and etc. To winners, they give out leather thong necklaces with a miniature pair of sandals. At the end they give a prize to the people wearing the most. I only won one set. My friend won three. Some people had bunches of them. They treat you like kings and queens.
In the restaurant, you find a waiter and he'll take care of you all week. You're not supposed to tip at the end of your week, but yet they all look for it (and work for it). At the end we gave ours all the Jamaican money we had left which was about $200 Jamaican. That came to a little less than $40.00 American at the time. If I remember right their salary at the time was about $25.00 a week Jamaican. I know giving him all that perpetuated the rich yankee image, but that's what they would work to earn. Waiter jobs at the resorts are prized jobs.
For us it was a wonderful week and break from the stress. It's terrible that the story is being told amid the sadness of George's family. I pray that it has a happy ending for them.


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