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Da Bun Man STRIKES again...or is it BUNN LOL Gina * Gina Well what a surprise - here comes the maillady BIG box in arms - says "wow this must be something good - sure does smell like poPcorn" LOL - so i takes da box in ta the kitchen - this thing is awful heavy if it's poPcorn.

Now this is no ordinary box - it says "Priority" n it's all sealed around the edges & over the top w/ duct tape - not that the duct tape kept the poPcorn smell sealed in or anything like that LOL

Just as I'm about to cut the tape seams open theres another knock at the's one of my neighbors from across the street. Could it be that she noticed the maillady delivering the package n came over out of curiosity? Naaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh this is a best friend of many years - we share all good stuff that happens to us, even the bad stuff - she's my sister by way of special adoption :)

"So sis what's in da box, sure l^oo^ks interesting wid all dat silver tape around it - ya sure it ain't a bomb LOL or a snake from that cheatin snake in the grass u used to be marri...(we won't go there LOL) (she speaks SI slinguage too) OK let's get to the opening of da box...

slice, snip, rippppppppppppppppp it's open :)
OHMY!!! it's a HUGH box of fresh poPPed poPcorn...yep but NOT cause there's another BIG box that's also duct taped around the edges but this one has writing on top which says something bout some FawcaWnahs Pastry Shoppe who prides itself on being StatNisland's Finest Pastry & Specialty Dessert Shoppe on Staten Island, place is called Alfonso's...this box is more interesting than the outside one LOL

Sooooooooo I takes my knife again n cut the tape seams...WOWWWWWWWWW!!! L^oo^K at them BUNS...CRUMB BUNS that is...what a SI treat, especially on a "monsoon rain from hell" day in unsunny South Florida.

GRJ you know they say "pay backs r hell" but wid buns like these ya can only end uP in Heaven.

Thanks GRJ - they're WONDERFUL - NewYaWk transplant neighbors all around me thank U too (Italian lady next door said she hadn't had them in 30 years), cause I had to share these delicious buns wid dem before they twisted my arm...

Amazing how I didn't even have to tell them what they were...they could smell em comin in da door...they just made the kaWfee and feasted...quiet as church mouse stealing the host on Bun Feast Eve, till they were all done and YELLLLLLLLLED in their best NewYaWk voices "THANKS GRJ - YOU'RE THE GREATEST" LOL

"P.S. to RS" I gotta confess GRJ surprised me wid crumb buns bout 2 weeks b 4 he sent them to U on the "Left Coast" - figured wid U being a super duper Barrister and all dat, dat U wudda figgered U were on his list too...which U were :) RS - ya shudda not thrown out the poPcorn before U spoke wid GRJ about it - GRJ made it in his Swifty, Nifty Air-popper ROFL

Ya know GRJ you're something else :)
Soooooo I say a DOUBLE Thank U (((((GRJ))))) :)


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