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About Sandals Charlie Joseph CharlieJ I too, hope for the safe return of George's niece. I didn't put this on the same thread, because I wanted to tell you about Sandals and Jamaica.
My wife and I visited Sandals in Jamaica in the 80's. As a matter of fact the picture on our site and Art's of the two of us was taken there. It is absolutely beautiful and was a wonderful weeks stay and vacation. But they warn you to never leave the resort compound without being in an established tour group and never at night. The resort compound is surrounded by a stone wall with broken glass on top and guards patrol it at night. The same is true for other resorts. We had occasion to visit Half Moon Bay resort which is/was owned by a company I used to be associated with. Same thing there.
We did go off on our own one time. We went para-sailing with a group of locals who picked us up at the water edge where the wall ended. We had an enjoyable time, no problems. Got some nice pictures of para-sailing over the water. When we got back Sandals security chewed us out (politely). They told us many people get robbed (hard to do when you're in a bathing suit and only brought enough for the para-sailing fee and a tip) or held for ransom (wouldn't get much for me). They intimated that some people simply disappear. They said sometimes the women were raped while the men were held and forced to watch. They told us the reggae groups that lived in the mountains were bad news and that VooDoo ism and other practices abound.
Funny thing is I was also there in 1961 on the day they received their independence. There was no such problem then. We rode commercial buses all across the island at all odd hours and there was no hint of serious problems then. One time from Kingston to Montego Bay and back across the mountains. The return trip was late at night. There wasn't even a suggestion that it was dangerous then. What happened?


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