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Fawcawnahs???? VierEcke Robert Sheridan Fawcawnahs I keep tellin' ya, it's dat StatNisland Creole.

I went by da DA's office today to see my buddy from PawRichman who went to Wagnah and came to S.F. in the 'Sixties. He had a gift for me in celebration of a recent anniversary. It was a New York Yankees baseball cap, which said "Staten Island" under the Yankees logo on the front. It's from the Yankee farm team on the Island. Quite a handsome navy blue cap. Looks great when wearing a jacket and tie. Odd, but great.

So Dwig wuz tellin' me about something he seen (a StatNisland formulation) on HBO the other nite. Seems the firemen on the Island put out a nude calendar every year. They hold a contest and firefighters all over the city come to the Island compete. A woman who studies sexual mores in the city was discussing the Island. A nice place she allowed, although the natives don't speak English and are twenty years behind the times. She wuz takin' shots at us.

I just thought you'd like to know there are people laughing at you, us, right now, for the way we is.

Screw 'em, is my attitude.


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