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Fawcawnahs???? VierEcke Dan Blaine DBLIVIT On 06/07/2000 9:03:00 PM, Gina wrote:
>DBLIVIT where R U when we need
>a good German to English
>translator? Better
>yet...please tell us what
>daHammer's Mom was REALLY
>singing to him LOL - c'mon Dan
>give it a "singing shot",
>we're all waiting.

The German (or Italian or Norwegian or Polish, etc.) that we heard as kids from our grandparents/relatives on SI went through a "New Yorker" filtration/modification process and while some of the words are understandable to the present day natives of those countries most of the grammatical construction is not. Every once in a while one gets in a remote region and one hears a word that resembles what one heard on SI as a kid.

What the hell, that's the outside world's loss...not ours! Only SI'ders are worth imitating!

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