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Curtis Reunion coming up Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu oldtimer ---

i beg your pardon if i am intruding and am not intending to offend.

regarding fdr --- yes i read all of the u.s. material on fdr. i read a lot of independent stuff on fdr and later administrations. my view and it may be wrong, but it is based on my readings which are limited.....

fdr, great job during the time period with regard to the depression. i did not live thru the depression. i was born in 1944. however, i did live thru a form of a depressesion or rescession of sort in the 1950's which i will not go thru but i can tell you was close to the 29 and 34 depression.

in anycase. fdr did right at the time. with regard to world war two in the pacific. i believe he --- or at least his close advisors -- knew well in advance the japanese would attach pearl harbor and did nothing.

with regard to the european war and hitler. i believe, based on my reading of various reports, books etc.... he or at least his close advisors staged the events for us to become involved in that war.

personally that was not necessary. we should have been involvedin the european war against nazi germany --- and some of my german ansastors were on hitlers side even if they were wrong. however, one must understand why wwii came about. thats another issue.

however, fdr was the right man at the right time for this country with regard to the depression.

strictly my opinion and i could be wrong. i hope i am not.

also i am no democrate or republican.

cheers and i do appreciate your opinion and history of the times.


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