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Curtis Reunion coming up Marcene Daniels oldtimer Bob, remember in the times of the depression that the average citizen was uninformed about what the true state of our republic really was. We relied on our Advance and Lowell Thomas to keep us up to date.
None of us realized we were poor. Everyone was in the same boat in our close knit neighborhoods. Most of us had a two parent family. Fun was a trip to the beach with a picnic or a free show at Silver Lake Park on a warm summer eve sitting on a blanket under the stars watching the cream of Broadway performing for the WPA theater group. Our introduction to the arts.
FDR was a big influence as he was really gifted with a personality that embraced one in it's charm. We believed he could save us from everything. Hoover had not been able to do it and we looked to FDR as a savior.
I too had a two party pair of parents. Said to cancel each other out at the booth. LOL. But we sure got both sides of the story.
It was only after a few years of the war that we heard rumors that FDR and Churchill were in league and knew the attack was coming at Pearl Harbor. We never will know the truth of it. The country prospered with the work that war made as our mom's went to the factories and brought home all that extra spending power.
At what a cost tho'. I lost many school chums in the service. My high school year book held the clipping next to the picture of each one as they were lost and the notices posted in the paper.
I guess we can say FDR was the man for his time. Alf Landon did not stand a chance.

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