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D-Day/PS Stanley J. Singer sjsinger I was not in the landings at Normandy Beach but was part of a gigantic diversionary action bombing the hell out of Southern France and attempting to make the Germans think the Allies were invading from that point. Even though it wasn't Normandy, it was a bloody mess and we lost many great guys during the action.
My opinion is that we celebrate Memorial Day, and D-Day and the Halocoust to remind us that War and Persecution is Hell and should never happen again.
It is still my opinion that America should be a powerful nation dedicated by this power to maintaining the peace. We should never allow our armed forces to deteriorate(as they are doing now) because any sign of weakness will bring about disaster.
Let us be strong and demand respect and thus keep the peace and stay out of the little wars that arise between people in foreign countries.
Let us remember our Fallen Comrades.

Stan Singer

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