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Hilary vs Lazio Ken Parese PoTown In fairness, there was another "carpetbagger" from Connecticut who became a NY Senator...remember Buckley (William F.'s brother)? Moment of fairness is over...

It don't matta whether we, the critics, the citizens, the voters are amoral, immoral, or moral...we should expect something more than mediocrity from the most powerful position in the world.

The citizenry and, yes, our children emulate him and her & all other leaders in politics, sports, sports and "esteemed" professions. We are responsible for what we permit...and we sure have screwed up.

For some interesting reading, try "Partners in Power" and "Barbarians Inside The Gates".

As far as Hillary goes, all one has to do to defeat her is to pool the votes of the Yankees and Mets fans that she has thoroughly insulted by either choice or default.


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