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SI Woods-Ticks! & 'skeeves' Marguerite Rivas sipoet On 06/06/2000 10:02:00 PM, mcgil wrote:
>On 06/06/2000 5:43:00 PM, sipoet wrote:
>>On 06/06/2000 3:10:00 PM, Harry da
>>Hammer wrote:
>>>"skeeves" is ya under ware if
>>>ya in da Navy (actually
>>>probably spelled skivies).
>>>Have no idea where da woid or
>>>da various meanings come from.
>>>H da H
>H da H,
>Different pronounciation. "Skeeves"
>rhymes with "leaves." Can't think of
>anything that rhymes with skivies.
>Mimi, "skivies" rhymes with "divvies" as in the following: JR divvies up all the treasure he found in his back yard among all of his StatNisland buddies, especially the Huguenot Honeys.

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