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D-Day/PS Robert Sheridan Fawcawnahs I wuz thinkin' that too, Lorac, no one posted anything about D-Day.

I was a little kid then. D-Day was a strange word. I remember asking about what it meant, and what the D- meant. You saw that in headlines and Life Magazine stories. It required an explanation, which you promptly forgot if you were a little kid.

I remember my dad, Leo, telling me that friends of his died at Omaha Beach. Since Omaha was in Nebraska, I'd heard as a kid, I didn't know what that meant either. Utah Beach made me even more confused.

If you were too young to understand, or hadn't been borned, as CJ likes to put it, D-Day is ancient history.

If you're a history buff, in the sense you like to know why certain things are the way you are, you pay attention and later find out that D-Day, Normandy, France, June 6, 1944, was a big day. A very big day, indeed.

I've read several of Ambrose's books, including two having to do with D-Day. In one he interviewed participants in the landing, and the other the participants in the fighting that occurred advancing towards Germany. One of my uncles fought there. I remember seeing him when he came back. He's an old guy now. But I remember him as a young guy, just back. In the hardware store. Molinoff Hardware on Richmond Terrace, across from Weissglass and Montanti's, about which we read here occasionally. On my mother's side, the Molinoffs. Sheridan is my dad's side. And therein lies a tale, but were talking D-Day, not F-Family History Day.

Festung Europa is what the Nazis called Europa. We were determined to roll them back, after they'd rolled the French. Was there a battle for France? I don't remember anything about that. What'd they do, roll over? At any rate, guys from StatNisland and the rest of the country invaded one day. D-Day. Normandy. See the movie, "Saving Private Ryan." I guess that's what it was like. Nothin' like throwing snowballs with rocks.

It was a big deal then. It is becoming more of a big deal now, as people decide it was such a big deal we really shouldn't forget, even if we weren't there.

It's an interesting idea, to turn a bloodbath into a Heroic Idea. That's what the Holocaust is. That's what the Crucifixion is. If you want to remember, that's what you have to do. You have to take the worst and turn it into the best.


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