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SI Woods-Ticks! Marguerite Rivas sipoet On 06/05/2000 5:04:00 PM, CharlieJ wrote:
>'Skeeves' me?!? :-)

Hey Charlie,
"Skeeves me" is an expression that I've still retained from my StatNisland youth. It comes from the adjective "skeevy" which comes from I have no idea where.

When we were in high school or college, we would say someone or something that was really gross was "skeevy" as in
That guy with the greasy hair and bad breath who is always making perverted comments is really skeevy.

Now if something made your stomach turn or really grossed you out you would say that that thing "skeeves" you as in: It skeeves me to have cicadas drop on my head and get tangled in my hair.

I have no idea what the etymology of the word is, but if someone has a dictionary of slang, he/she might be able to find it there. I don't know if it was a regional expression, either. I never actually heard anyone off-island say it.


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