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lunch wit TuTu LaDieu Harry White Harry da Hammer On 06/05/2000 5:17:00 PM, Rich LaDieu wrote:
>use guys and goils ain't a
>gonna believe harry are ya??
>come now, whos ya gonna
>believe --- me or him? after
>all i'm here on da east coast
>and he is on da west coats in
>california where da sun gets
>to da head an all......

Youse knows who ta believe. Da TuTu guy is from da crab state. Ya can't believe a crab stater. And ta top it off he is from da propagander agency, VOA. Who can believe a guy from dare??? Not you, not me!!!

>as for a toupee --- watta ya
>nuts harry, i got da real
>ting --- ain't no rug on my

Ya bet ya bippie it was a rug, fleas an all.

>as for pointing at da menu
>yep, cuz day had it in some
>kinda funny language called
>english and i only read

He had Swiss cheese.

>jan, harry promised me a copy
>of da pictures un
>altered......... now we gonna
>see who really is da good
>lookin one.......

NEVER said UNALTERED, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!! Ya crazy???

>dj--- where ya been eh???/
>art --- no we didn't eat hot
>dogs. my dogs are

H da H

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