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lunch with harry da hammer Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu hi guys and goils.

well harry and i had lunch friday at about 11 am at tgi-fridays in greenbelt marys land. wot a supprise ta see harry --- short -- plump -- thinning hair but great humor. me of course am just great looking with died gray hair (cuz da goils say it makes me look very dis-ting-wish).

anyways, we had lunch talk quite a bit. seems harry ain't been back to da island since maybe about da 50's when he left fer greener pastures or whatever. anyways, we talk about a lot of things and nothing at all. just had a great time.

i cudn't find any dandi loins cuz theys was all gone. we got a couple of pictures of us which either harry or i will post soonest harry get em developed.

for use guys and goils who like dogs,

went to the australian shepard club of america dog show this past saturday and sunday. my dog freckles -- a red and white irish setter and my wife's dog echo -- a red irish setter were entered in obedience trials. some ausie's and other breeds were also entered in novice a b and utilities. the other ausies were entered in breed and in herding.

well both freckles and echo flunked out on saturday. echo decided not to do a return jumb on a recall for the dumb bell. (no she was not to retrieve me).

echo is a much more advanced dog than freckles. she is about 4 years old, freckles in about 18 months is it was his first time out.

freckles --- well he was more interested in putting his nose to the grass and looking at all the other dogs as he went around the ring while i was all alone. he did not follow me like he was suppose to. so he flunked out. he did do a perfect stand for examination, a perfect 1 minute sit stay and a perfect 2 minute down stay. however he needed the heal on lead and heal off lead in order to qualify.

sunday, echo got a 191 and a half to take second place in a competition among 14 dogs.

freckels finally got his head streightened out and came in fourth place among 6 dogs entered with a 175 score. so he qualified and got his first leg of his cd (certificate for obedience dog). he has two more to go.

it was fun since we also tailgated --- thats picniced while at the show.


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