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SI Woods-Ticks! Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Tick stories!
Stationed in Key West at the time. Just moved into almost new Navy housing (Sigsbee Park for anyone who might know). The lawns were young and struggling and of course the residents were responsible for upkeep. The Navy contracted a good deal for us. Sod at a 1/3rd of the normal price. I (along with several others) bought a bunch. Looked beautiful. A couple of days later we looked high on the walls inside (yes - inside) the house. There were hundreds of ticks at the wall/ceiling line just waiting to drop. They had entered through the air conditioning ducts which were at the ceiling level. We had two dogs at the time, but it happened to people without dogs.
The Navy at first played dumb, then they apologized and sent exterminators. Seems the sod had been cut out of the Florida Everglades. Fortunately we had seen the ticks before they got on us and the kids. Even the dogs didn't have too many. This time.

Which brings me to my second story. A couple of years later. Same two dogs. Now stationed in Sanford, Fla. We went away for an extended weekend and boarded these two poor guys in a local kennel. When we got home we had to remove 54 ticks from one of them (Cocker Spaniel mutt mix) and 39 from the other (Pekingese). Obviously this was before my German Shepherd days.

Two morals:
1. If you buy sod, know where it comes from.
2. Check out a kennel closely before you board your dogs.

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