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Custard's Last Stand Dan Blaine DBLIVIT The passengers could hear the last of the baggage and freight being loaded on the back of the stage. Then a voice called out from the shotgun rider’s place: “Are we loaded and ready to go, Beev?” A voice answered from behind the coach: “U betchem, Red Ryder!”

With a crack of the whip, the stage lurched out of the depot and started heading northwest towards the Lincoln Highway…the most direct route to Fort Laramie and points further west. However, as it drove by the Western Union telegraph office, the operator, young
Scrooge Neuhaus, came running out and flagged the coach down.

“ The Lincoln Highway is closed due to a snow storm! You’ll have to take Happy Jack Road and then cross the Vedawoo pass to get through to Fort Laramie.” Said young SI Neuhaus. DBLIVIT looked at Rich DerGott and both thought the same thing: “Here it is the end of May and the road is closed due to snow? What the hell are we getting into?”

Also L’il Beaver was not too happy. He told Red Ryder in no uncertain terms that the Vedawoo was sacred Indian ground, and that they could expect trouble if they attempted to cross it with a white man’s stage coach. Red Ryder just cocked the lever on his Daisy (reg.u.s.pat.) and told L’il Beaver not to worry, he had over 500 BB’s loaded in his carbine and could handle anything that came their way.

So, the stage turned towards the east and started following Happy Jack road running along Crow Creek towards the Vedawoo….

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