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SI Woods-Ticks! Marguerite Rivas sipoet Hi guys,
I spent practically the entire weekend in the StatNisland woodlands and marshes. The ticks were unbelievable, so if any of you are planning on any hikes, take the DEET. I've never seen them this bad.

It was a beautiful weekend. I'm gathering material, getting inspiration, trying to recharge to write my dissertation. Right now I'm having a huge Sunday night anxiety attack. I saw the most beautiful things this weekend. A gorgeous flowering dogwood (I think) in Clove Lake Park. A big old beech tree with one sturdy, curved limb extended outward like an arm. I spent a long while there feeling like I was in the crook of my island mother's arm. The wildflowers -- fleabane, Queen Anne's Lace, and the honeysuckle!! This one path in the woods was lined with honeysuckle. It drenched the air.I saw some beautiful violets with tiny sun-centered faces. Not many dandelions, though ;) Anyway, sorry to be boring you-- this was supposed to be a tick reminder.

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