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Hilary vs Lazio Robert Sheridan Fawcawnahs For years they had "rotten boroughs" in England where the ruling parties would put up candidates for Parliament who didn't live there. Kept the ruling class ruling.

Rotten boroughs were abolished after the Reform Act, 19th century.

It looks like we have "rotten states," i.e., New Yawk, where the carpet-baggers come in with money and machine to sweep up all the marbles. Doesn't seem fair to me, but who ever said life, much politics, was fair.

We may even have a "rotten country," where the heirs apparent, like Gore and W, the scions of the ruling class, get elected because their daddies had name recognition.

I think we oughta abolish rotten boroughs, states, and countries by enacting a reform act: run where you wuz borned. Exception: California. No one who amounts to anything wuz borned here. Exception: my kids.

I know, this is getting complicated. I'd make a lousy reformer.


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