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Hilary vs Lazio C Connelly mcgil On 06/03/2000 2:40:00 PM, neal wrote:
>At least Bobby was a New
>Yawker, He lived there all his

No he didn't. Bobby Kennedy only lived in NY for a few years while he was a teenager. He was born & brought up in Brookine, MA. They lived in the Boston area for most of Bobby's growing years except for a few years when Papa Joe moved the family to NY while he worked there. Soon after that, in the late 1930's, they all went to England when Papa Joe became ambassador. When they returned to the US, they moved back to the hub.

I was in jr high when Bobby ran for the senate and we had to write a report on one of the candidates. I wrote one on Bobby and I still remember the details and that I couldn't understand how he could run for the senate from a state where he didn't live.


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