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Tender Mercies Pat O'Shaughnessy patos It seems as going easy on clinton is what alot of people want. They keep on saying it's his sex life, it's no ones business save for him and his family. I disagree it's about sex. It's about a guy that lied under oath, used his elected position to try to fix a civil case that he was a defendant in, and possibly has been misusing funds since his younger days back in Ark. to be elected to public office. Since then the China connection has surfaced. He also in my opinion used military force to attack a drug factory in order in order to create a smoke screen for himself. It also is amazing to me that all the people that have crossed him end up getting audited by the IRS many for the first time in their lifes. The justice dept. under clinton has prosecuted other people for lying under oath in a civil matter even sending a female V.A. doctor to jail and later house arrest for lying about her giving a patient under her care a bl*w job. (Must have been a real lousy one because the guy sued the V.A. about it either that or it proves he was nuts) Right here in Ohio the INS is going to deport a 28 year old German immigrant for having his third non felony DUI in ten years and a college coed is having her PELL grant taken back and will no longer be eligible for student loans because she was found in possession of a pipe with pot residue. Seems like their cracking down on everyone but clinton. As I said before I never liked the jerk to begin with. I was not a flag waving guy and mom's apple pie boy before during and after I got back from Viet Nam but then again I never ran for public office. And it trips my trigger every time I see that coward place a wreath on the tomb of the unknowns

Hey Bob I'm still not to the death penalty yet but how about
a little light torture while we swill down a few drinks. A cattle prod to the gentiles might be fitting lol

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