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Tender Mercies Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs You're right, CJ.

Each to his own rock pile.

No sense having rocks if you can't throw 'em around once in a while.


"Lieber Bill," which I think means "Dear Bill," was awarded the top prize in Europe for political leadership, called the Charlemagne Prize, in Aachen, Germany, today. That's what they called him, "Lieber Bill." Apparently they appreciate him a lot more over there than a lot of us over here do.

Charlemagne, now let's see what did he do that was so great?

I remember.

He united the Teutonic tribes, Da Franks, latter day France and Germany, into something he called the Holy Roman Empire. Wasn't Holy, wasn't Roman, and wasn't an Empire, as some wise historian pointed out, but it did the trick. Kept Europe from falling further into the wastebasket of the late Roman Empire.

So our guy from Arkansas wins the prize.

Not bad.

Only six more months, as one of our perceptive political philosophers points out.


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