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Watch wat you say laddie this her be OldNacl. I have been quite unamused with these recent posting. Having been to Ameserdam, Athens, Calcutta, San Francisco Tenderloin, Subic Bay, Tijuana, along witd numerious Itie, Iberain Peninsula and Polynesian liberty ports I should have been the one to investigate the best management skills to use in "Queen Mums" establishment of entertainment. Having studied the historical aspects of the industry from Pompeii to Sinapore (or was it sin-a-more) certantly add to my resume.

The Fleet and Merchant Marines would flock to the lakehouse via the # 5 bus from the Bay Street shops of libations, on the advertised recommendations of one of their own.

If I remember the show right I know what I'll be up too on that island retreat, and it woun't be inventing anything unless its a way to conn the kadies who went on the trip to be more friendly to da poor old sailor.

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