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Tender Mercies Charlie Joseph CharlieJ rs,
While what you say is all true to varying degrees, by relegating it to the routine, vice the exceptional leaves us nothing to which to aspire.

Surely, we the people (i.e. the masses) have the right to expect someone else to be as perfect as each of us perceives ourself.

In placing someone on a pedestal we reserve the right to expect perfection. If we don't get it, stone him (or her). The hell with this Judeo-Christian ethic of waiting for a non-sinner to cast the first stone. Stone 'em all from the right and the left at the first sign of human frailty. Bring 'em down to our level, then elevate someone else. Then get your next pile of stones ready!


(I hope you can see my tongue was in my cheek as I wrote that. But I do have a point. For all your attempt at fair-mindedness or neutrality, you drove home your point by stoning someone whom you apparently did not like. We're all colored by the same paintbrush, just some more (or less) than others, but nobody's exempt from casting stones when maybe they shouldn't. Me especially)

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