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Tender Mercies Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs So let's see, we should nail his *ss because the judge believed him because he's a lawyer and president who lied?

You think judges believe lawyers and politicians?

Lawyers and politicians, up from the mud like lotuses, have no mud on them?

See, this is the whole problem.

We have this schizophrenic tendency to choose amongst us and raise up one of our number to a high position. The newly anointed saint, we think we're raising. Suddenly he/she is perfect. Higher standard and all that.

At the same time we can't wait to tear him/her down because we hate anyone raised above us who has feet of clay, which all do, coming from the common mud.

Suddenly our hero is no hero. Likes money, sex, power. Gets mud on his hands, or worse.

And we act surprised.

Worse, moralistic.

He's a lawyer!

Sh*t, we invented lying.

He's a president!

Look, you don't get to be president unless you're a better liar than the next guy.

Did you see the bio of Reagan the other nite? Guy couldn't tell reality from Grimm's fairy tales. He believed the roles he played. Guy was nuts. Very popular though.

The current presidential race, Gore vs. W. Both guys trying to "position" themselves to attract the most votes.

Know what I call positioning?


It means "I'll pretend I'm for something today that I was against yesterday, or that something is important that never was until I needed it to be to get votes."

Pretending is make-believe is lying.

We demand it of our leaders.

The knock on Hitler was that he practiced the big lie. The Germans wanted to be lied to. They ate it up. They needed it. That's how you get to lead millions of people. You tell 'em what they need to hear. It ain't real except it's a new reality.

Let us not act surprised when our top dogs lie, please.

Let us act amazed when they get caught.

Punish a top dog for getting caught lying?

Sure, but we don't want to overdo it.

It might set an undesirable precedent!

It might deter the really good liars from running next election.

Can you imagine what would happen if all the liars opted out and the only candidates for election were people who told the truth?

Who might they be, pray tell?

Not to worry. There'll be no shortage of candidates. The really good liars don't even realize they're doing it.


BTW: I relished being termed an idealist the other day in a posting. :)

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