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Tender Mercies Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu ok guys, enuf.....

i been out of the loop -- so to speak --- for a couple days and just got to read these posts.

rs -- it is not the fact that clinton lied, in itself, and denied a fellow american citizen her right to her day in court. it was the fact that he is a lawyer, and president of this country. he used his political influence as well as his lawyer training to deliberately lie and mislead the court. the judge substanually based her ruling on his testimony because he is president and a lawyer. i read the background papers on this stuf -- unfortunatly i get into all this legal mombo jumbo legal stuff all too much.

otherwise you are correct. the average person would lie to cover up a misdeed. i might even do that myself since i am human. i would not like to do it, but you, i and the rest of us here on this site know that to human is to err. (spelling here).


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