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Hilary vs Lazio Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs I'll tell ya what gets me about well-heeled, well-connected carpetbaggers coming into N'Yawk and picking up all the marbles.

There are a lot of young people who've bought into the dream that America is a democracy, and if you study hard, work hard, keep your nose clean, cultivate the right friends and connections, you too can be elected to a high position of public trust and responsibility.

So you do that and what happens?

In comes RFK or Hillary. Anybody who's worked to get in place to run can fergedaboudit. On the other hand, the professional pols don't think this way. They just want the candidate who can pull the train, regardless where he/she came from, as long as there's name recognition that can pull in money and votes.

I'd go for the home-grown candidate if he isn't coming up for sentencing on something serious anytime soon.


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